Be a Lifeguard!

it's not just saving lives

Spend your summer lifeguarding at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds

It’s not just saving lives!

It’s making sure that one of the favorite activities at camp can take place. It’s keeping everyone at the pools safe and healthy.

And when you work as a lifeguard, you become skilled in:

  • leadership
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • intense focus
  • decision making
  • working with large groups
  • adaptability
  • being a part of a team

Lifeguards who work at HKC Pearl River or HKC Staten Island double as swim instructors.

As swim instructors you have the capacity to change a child’s life. Even more, the work you do improves your skills in:

  • team-building
  • patience
  • keeping campers and counselors engaged
  • lesson planning
  • being able to communicate the same thing in different ways