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The Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds (HKC), a facility for children’s day camps, has enabled hundreds of thousands of children to have fun-filled summers since 1953

Home to 11 independent JCC affiliated day camps

HKC is home to the summer camps run by JCCs and YM-YWHAs in the greater New York area. Today there are 11 different camps that call the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds home serving families from all over New York City, Long Island, and Rockland and Westchester counties.

Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality obsessed
People centric
Mission driven
Mission driven
Secure environment
Secure environment
Personal growth
Personal growth

Each summer we hire 200+ aspiring leaders

To join our Aquatics and Maintenance staffs. Our summer staff are on the front lines of ensuring that the 5000+ campers who come to camp every day have great experiences.

Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds

Our dedicated staff are there to support the camps that call HKC home and their campers and counselors and camp communities.

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Our Mission

To enhance the day camp experience and provide a safe environment

The Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds has enabled hundreds of thousands of children to have fun-filled summers at camp since 1953 through adhering to our mission of enhancing the day camp experience and providing a safe environment for the campers and camp staff who call our grounds home.

Together, with UJA-Federation of New York, we are One Camp Community.