The Camp Experience


Campers arrive at the HKC grounds expecting a fabulous time. From swimming and sports to obstacle courses and song, the camps at HKC are filled with varied and exciting programs.The kids may not know what makes HKC different from other camps, but we do.  We have gaga pits and Shabbat circles, soccer fields and amphitheatres. We have swimming pools, boating lakes, teambuilding activities and Israel days. Every day is a new adventure!

Run by different agencies, each JCC and Y camps at HKC is unique and offers all sorts of exciting programs. All the camps and cater to a broad range of constituents. Be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Hindu; Black, White, Brown or mixed; it doesn’t matter who –  all are welcomed at HKC. And no matter the background all walk away with the core Jewish values of respect for others, community, family and helping those in need.

One of everyone’s favorite part of camp is swimming. At HKC we take swim seriously.  Each camper has the opportunity to swim every day and many get to swim twice, once for instructional swim and once for free swim. All our lifeguards and swim instructors are Red Cross certified.

Photo Credits: banner – HKC; top – SI JCC; middle – Y of Washington Heights; bottom – SI JCC