Employment Opportunities

The Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds is hiring for an HR Director to work out of our main administrative offices in Pearl River.

Pearl River (Rockland County):

Consisting of 100 acres, the Pearl River site serves four summer day camps. HKC has a capable and dedicated facilities management team handling the maintenance and housekeeping for the entire site. We also run the robust aquatics program providing swim instruction and lifeguarding at our four pools that serve 1400 campers each day. Learn more about positions available at our Pearl River site and how to apply.

Wheatley Heights (Suffolk County):

The largest of our three campgrounds, our Long Island site is made up of 350 acres of land and is home to six summer days camps. Our maintenance/housekeeping staff maintains this large outdoor facility, keeping everything clean, safe, and in top condition. Our beautiful swim complex consists of 4 various sized pools and serves more than 1500 children each day for instructional and free swim. Our lifeguards keep everyone safe at the pools all day long.  Learn more about positions available at our Long Island site and how to apply

Todt Hill (Staten Island):

Consisting of 75 acres, the Staten Island location is situated in the Staten Island Greenbelt. This site is home to three day camps where we provide swim instruction and maintenance services to all the camps. Our maintenance/housekeeping staff keep the grounds in excellent condition in appearance, usability, and cleanliness. Our aquatics program is part of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy and all of our swim instructors are trained in the Swim Rite method. Our pool complex, consisting of three pools, serves 1100 campers daily. Learn more about positions available at our Staten Island site and how to apply.