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The Women’s Task Force is made up of local, dedicated women who are looking for ways to add more Jewish value to the 16 JCC day camps who call HKC home.Since its formation nearly two years ago, the Women’s Task Force has been instrumental in building community engagement with the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds and our agency camps. They meet every other month and together brainstorm ideas and push projects forward.

Last summer the Women’s Task Force spearheaded Israel Day at our Long Island site, home to 6 day camps.  For the first time in history, we brought all of the campers and staff together to enjoy a performance by the Israel Scouts Caravan. It was an amazing experience, with over 1200 campers and staff gathered together in one place. READ MORE…

The Task Force also led the way for HKC to participate in the Butterfly Project, a global initiative to commemorate the children who perished during the Holocaust. Every camper and staffer painted a butterfly. Volunteers then spent a couple of hours together hanging the 1800 butterflies on a painted mural in our beautiful, 10,000 square foot Greenberg Pavilion. READ MORE…

For summer 2015 the Women’s Task Force is focused on two initiatives – bring Israel Day to all three HKC sites (Long Island, Rockland County & Staten Island) and the create the Shabbat Spot at HKC Long Island.



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