The Summer in Review

As we close the door on 2014, it’s a great time to stop and reflect back on the fabulous summer we had.

SWIMMING: There were more than 5000 campers and staff in and out of our 11 pools each day. Whether they were learning to swim or just hanging out, pool time was always fun time.

buddy check
Practicing floating the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy way
Safety first. Doing a buddy check during free swim


SPORTS: We love the variety of sports we see at camp running the gamut from softball and basketball to skateboarding, tennis and the eternal favorite gaga.

group catch a gaga game
Ultimate or just a friendly game, it doesn’t matter. It’s just fun
Watching to see who’s winning this round of gaga


SPECIAL EVENTS: Israel Day on Long Island was the first time all the camps came together for a singular program. What a great day! And we don’t want to forget the spectacular makeover of the Greenberg Sports Pavilion thanks to all the camper artists.

The Israel Scouts were great interacting with the campers and keeping everyone entertained
The Women’s Task Force and the rest of our volunteers had a great time hanging up hundreds of butterflies


VOCATIONAL PROGRAM: It was such a pleasure working with the Camp Kehilla Vocational Program participants. They got to learn all about what goes in to maintaining our fabulous grounds and we got a beautiful guard post.

Paint the shelter, lay the rock, level the gravel and dirt…
and voila!


CAMP LIFE: Each day was a special day at camp. There was always so much to do!

Camp fires are great for baking challah. Roasted marshmallows are good too!
Who doesn’t love playing as a rock band?


SHABBAT: Every week ended with one of the most meaningful camp experiences: the Shabbat celebration.

After working on it all week in music, perfoming a song about peace for the rest of camp
No Shabbat celebration is complete with out eating some challah

Thank you to our board, all our staff, the volunteers, the donors, and ┬áthe friends for making it all happen. Here’s to an even better camp season in 2015!

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