The Infirmary

Summer camp is an amazing experience for any kid, but a few bumps and bruises are inevitable. Luckily, the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds have people on hand who know how to take care of a wide range of camper medical mishaps. Whether EMTs or RNs, we have infirmaries at all three sites staffed by dedicated and nurturing professionals available to respond to any medical issue or emergency.

This year though marks a significant change in the infirmary in Pearl River. Instead of operating out of the HKC offices as they have done for as long as anyone can remember, the infirmary got its own building – a brand-new trailer nearby, thank to a generous donor. “A big improvement,” says registered nurse Heather Cahill of the move. There’s now more room to store supplies, a private bathroom, and more space in general.

The infirmary is a busy place. Even during our short discussion, the staff had to pause frequently to tend to scraped knees, stomach aches, and medication distribution.  “We deal with a variety of things,” Brandon Smith says. “We deal with psychological first aid all the way up to people who have significant illness or injuries.” Smith, an EMT in the off season, supervises the medical staff at HKC Pearl River, aided by Registered Nurses Heather and Nicole.  He’s been coming back every summer since 2005. “This place does suck you in,” he says fondly of HKC.

Infirmery trailer

The new infirmary building

Inside the new infirmary

Inside the new infirmary

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