“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

Vocation Experience
This summer the vocation campers continue to learn many different skills through our various vocational experiences. Even while they learn these skills, we always practice working together to accomplish them as a team. Below includes some of the lessons and skills that I will present this summer!

• Shoveling/digging
• Weeding
• Watering plants
• Planting flowers
• Smoothing out woodchips
• The importance of wearing protective gear- gardening gloves
• How to sand wood
• Painting various items on the campgrounds- picnic tables, bleachers, etc.
• How to use a paintbrush and roller without leaving drips
• How to open a paint can and how to mix paint
• The importance of wearing protective gear- masks and gloves
• Using visual directions to follow a recipe- cooking for the staff
• Cleaning up after you have prepared food
• Cleaning windows in the Administration Building and Greenberg Building
• Garbage removal on the campgrounds- using various tools such as garbage grippers
• The importance of wearing protective gear- rubber gloves
• Following procedures to prepare a golf cart before and after it is cleaned
• Cleaning golf carts with brushes

In anything that we do, everyone practices the skill of working collaboratively and cooperatively as a TEAM!We will continue to add more skills to our list before the summer is complete!

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