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Vocation Experience

Monday was extremely hot, but we made the most of it as we completed some different jobs during our vocational experience.  We distributed our staff work attire, including HKC staff shirts and hats.  The campers were looking forward to coming to work next week wearing their team attire!

Our group was so excited to begin their workday, grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a team and contribute to the campgrounds! We starting the work day with a staff meeting filled with explanations and demonstrations reviewing how we incorporate tools to finish our tasks and the campers listened intently as they usually do! Many campers excitedly volunteered to demonstrate for our new campers how to use the tools.

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We started together building the walls of our garden with stones to beautify the front of the HKC Administration Office. This building is the first to be seen when entering the campgrounds. The garden is going to look awesome when our campers leave their mark at the end of the summer!

Everyone worked so hard despite the heat so we made sure to take lots of water breaks.

Then we broke into groups. One group worked on washing the golf carts for security and the HKC senior staff. Another group used garbage grippers to clean the grove. A third group kept  working on the  wall building, although a few drifted to the Greenberg Building to water the flowers. Our HKC workers are always trying to beautify our campgrounds!

Our staff members were so excited to contribute and make their mark that they didn’t let the heat phase them. They handled every task eagerly and enthusiastically.

A small group of campers have also been working on some additional components to beautify camp, so stay tuned in to see our progress!

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stones for the garden wall

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the Administration Building

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Building the wall

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