Spotlight: Special Activities at Camp

Wildlife Zoo at the Flora Haas Campground

Special Activities at Camp

Camp is a constant hive of activity – filled with sports, swim, crafts, and more – there is plenty to do. Even so, camp directors are always finding ways to spice things up by bringing in special guests or entertainment. These different activities turn a routine day into something special and give the campers plenty to look forward to.

Mildred Goetz Camp Site, Pearl River

During the second week of camp, the JCC in Manhattan’s Day Camp @ Pearl River brought in specialists from Hobby Quest to teach the campers about aviation and model airplanes. Campers built their own model airplanes from scratch and then flew them, exploring the world of aviation. Through games and activities associated with aviation the campers got to be familiar with the world of flight.

Flora Haas Camp Site, Staten Island

Campers having fun participating in the Brain Show.

The Lillian Schwartz Day Camp is a flurry with activity. Twice a week the campers get to spend time getting to know a variety of animals when the “Animal Guy” from the Wildside Zoo comes. Other entertainment is brought in as well.

This past week the Brain Show came to camp and entertained the campers with a hot new interactive trivia game show.  The campers loved it!  They were all excited to be a part of the show and eagerly raced up to the “stage” area to participate.

Brian and turtles from the Wildside Zoo also made an appearance at New Country Day Camp. The campers spent time learning about turtles and all had a chance to hold them.

Alice N. Proskauer Camp Site, Long Island

The Friedberg JCC Family of Camps was treated to an exciting week long drumming program with expert musician and drummer, Bashira Naddaf from Israel. All through the campgrounds you could hear the happy sounds of campers beating to the sounds of their own drums.

Tzofim Israeli Scout Friendship Caravan

Campers had a great time learning about Israel through singing, dancing and interactive activites with the Israeli Scouts.

This past week the Tzofim Israeli Scout Friendship Caravan made an appearance at the Alice N. Proskauer Campgrounds on Long Island where the Friedberg JCC Family of Camps hosted them on July 20th. The caravan consists of 5 male and 5 female Tzofim (Israel Scouts) who are entering their senior year of high school. The Caravan travels throughout North America each summer as emissaries, sharing their lives in Israel through song, dance and story.

The Caravan danced and sang in both Hebrew and English for the campers entertaining them while giving them just a little taste of Israel. There were plenty of smiles, clapping and cheering. Not only did the caravan perform, the scouts also did fun activities with the campers sharing their love of Israel with them. The Lillian Schwartz Day Camp will play host to them during their 6th week of camp on August 1st.


With all these examples, there is no doubt that camp is a very special place where special things happen. Want to find out more? Just ask your child, “What was special about camp today?”

Photo credits: HKC 2011
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