“How Lucky Am I To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

Vocation Experience

The response to how I am for being so lucky this summer is clearly and simply defined: thankful and grateful. I am so proud of all the campers and counselors I had the pleasure to work with this year for vocation. I was extremely lucky to have so many returning campers who were so enthusiastic throughout our time together and the love for learning they each possessed.

With the summer at a close, our vocational experience ended on Monday with a difficult, yet joyful goodbye!

Campers continued their routine grounds keeping, including watering the newly planted flowers near the Administration Building and those near the Greenberg Building. The campers also continued cleaning the grove picnic area. As campers worked on their tasks, I had groups rotate in our meeting area to tie up project lose ends. We completed tasks such as painting the stars on our flag project that was started last week  as well as finishing our welcome sign by gluing on our painted letters. These flourishes for the beautification project were created from materials found on the campgrounds such as tree stumps and empty pallets.

Take a look below to see the progression of our hard work!

088 (2)


070 (3) After planning it out, the campers worked hard to paint the red and blue parts of the American Flag.We marked off specific areas that would later be painted white.We painted the stars one at a time with a special stencil we made.

The result was a beautiful American Flag!

We became a true team. Before we took the picture below, we reminisced about our time together. We watched a presentation filled with snapshots from the summer and scored to favorite songs. All vocational tasks were represented and our project progressions were included.

We also enjoyed a sweet treat before we finally said our goodbyes. Even though we were sad out time together was at an end, smiles still brightened each face and I will forever cherish my memories of each.

068 (3)

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