Tuesday night Friends of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds gathered in a beautifully appointed Empire Suite at Citi Field to cheer on the Mets and support the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds.

It was a winning night for HKC! We had a sell out crowd or more than 70 young men and women and between ticket sales and our raffle we raised $10,000!

We had burgers from Shake Shack, Hot Dogs from Nathan’s and a vast array of other delicious foods, as well as a great selection of wine, beer and sodas.  All in all it was a great evening for friends to get together, watch a ball game and support HKC at the same time.

We paused in our revelry to gather for a few minutes to hear some remarks by Committee Chair Evan Weinberg, CEO Lenny Silberman and our special guest Howie Martin, Executive Director of Bronx House.

No matter who was speaking, the message was clear – HKC plays a vital role in ensuring children from all backgrounds can have an amazing summer experience.  But as Howie Martin, when talking about Bronx House, reiterated, HKC plays a special role in helping under-privileged kids see the world outside New York City.

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