Friends of HKC Gathered at Citi Field!

A Night with Friends at Citi Field:

Wednesday night 75 young men and women gathered in a beautifully appointed Empire Suite at Citi Field (another 60 people convened in the Owner’s Box) to cheer on the Mets in support of HKC and the Scholarship Fund.

The weather was great, the atmosphere was energetic, and the ball game was… oh well, we can’t win them all.

The food was fabulous! We had our Crackerjacks and peanuts, beer and hot dogs, and some other Citi Field goodies. It was just a great evening for friends to get together, relax, AND support the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds at the same time.  Even Mr. Met joined us for a short while.

“I want to encourage you…you’re the next generation”

The Co-Chairs, Geoffrey Adler, Igor Biselman, Andrew Blechman and Evan Weinberg, did a fabulous job in pulling off this event.  We all gathered for a few minutes to hear some remarks by co-chair Evan Weinberg, CEO, Lenny Silberman and our special guest John Ruskay, Executive Vice President and CEO of UJA-Federation, New York.   Each speaker thanked everyone for coming and said a few words about HKC.

I want to share with everyone John Ruskay’s message.  Hopefully his words were intriguing and inspiring to everyone who heard them:

“I want to encourage you…you’re the next generation,” he said.  You can “take [HKC] from where it is now… and transform it.” There is only one Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, and the opportunity for “what it can be for the Jewish Community and all of New York” is boundless. He ended his words with resounding encouragement: “You can make it happen!”

For more photos, check out the photo gallery.

Photos by Jonathan Levine
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