Congratulations to Our Own Lenny Silberman!

Lenny and the other Award Recipients

Lenny was in Israel the first week of July receiving an award from the International Jewish Hall of Fame. What you may not know is the relevance and significance of his receiving this award.

Before coming to the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds Lenny worked for JCC Association where he was the continental director of the JCC Maccabi Games for 14 years as well as supervised the JCC Association camping, athletic, and teen consultants, and JCC Maccabi Israel programs.

This year he received the Chairman’s Award of Excellence, an award that has only been given out to six other people, in recognition for his “dedicated service to integrate sports and summer camp and Judaism as part of worldwide efforts on behalf the youth of today.”

Lenny is the first JCC professional to be honored by the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

The Board of Directors of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds is proud of his accomplishments and hope you all join us in extending to him a Yasher Koach.

Lenny Receiving his Award

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