A Historic Milestone

2015 marks the first time in the 60+ history of the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds that the camps at each site came together for a camp-wide program. HKC is thrilled to have been able to convene the camps for a rousing performance by the Israeli Scouts Friendship Caravan.For three days in a row, the Friendship Caravan came to an HKC site and put on a performance for all the camps. Altogether, they performed for more than 3000 people.Filled with Hebrew songs, pop songs and Disney songs, there was something for everyone, with audience participation and dancing as well.The troupe consists of 10 teenagers, 5 male, 5 female, who have just completed high school. They were as much a draw for the counselors, many of whom are the same age, as the campers. No matter, who attended, everyone enjoyed the show.

Each HKC site has a unique feel and culture to it, so too did each Caravan show.

On Long Island the audience were able to participate in a question and answer session. There were some great questions ranging from “how do you get to be a scout?” (it’s like a youth group they join in elementary school) to “how did you get to be part of the caravan?” (they had to pass three auditions).

In Rockland County there was a whole different level of energy brought by Camp Bereisheet (a Hebrew immersion camp run by 92Y for Israeli children), with their Israeli counselors getting a little bit of home.

In Staten Island the camps were joined by a contingent from UJA-Federation, who spent the day visiting the site and get an in-depth look at a couple of our unique camps.

No matter which site you look at, the whole event was truly a sight to see.

Thank you to our sponsor who provided the funding that made this milestone possible.


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