Campers love paddle boating on the picturesque HKC lake at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds

It Was a Great Day!

Camp directors like to believe that what happens at day camp makes its way home to parents every night. In reality, more often what happens at day camp stays at day camp. When the campers get home and are asked “what happened at camp today?” the answer is usually “Nothing!”  Well, I can tell you firsthand that this is certainly not the case.

On a recent visit to the Flora Haas Day Camp on Staten Island, rest assured, the campers and staff were all having a great day doing some amazing activities. Here’s a glimpse of what they did.  Don’t you wish you were there too! 

On a hot day, campers enjoy their instructional swim time

At the Flora Haas Day Camp, campers learn to swim using the method and philosophy developed by Lenny Kravzelburg at the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy where the mission is to teach and inspire children to be water safe.

New Country Day Camp’s Cooking, Camping and Pioneering unit works hard and has fun building chipmunk shelters.

Hot dogs roasting on an open fire

Every Wednesday is hot dog lunch day at New Country Day Camp. The Newcomers unit and Cooking, Camping and Pioneering units learn how to build a fire and then get to cook their own hot dog over an open fire.

Getting fit hula hooping in the shade

Lillian Schwartz day campers learn how to build a fire

Even though it was a hot day, Lillian Schwartz day campers had tons of fun learning about building a fire and making s’mores. They learned about the three types of wood used to build a fire, the science of fire building, and fire safety. Once the fire was going, it was s’mores time.  And of course the best part of learning to make s’mores is getting to eat them.  Yum!

Marks JCH of Bensonhurst 5th and 6th grade campers play tug of war

The Marks JCH of Bensonhurst works hard to bring Jewish culture to its campers. This summer they have two Shlichim, emissaries or counselors from Israel, doing just that. Here they help campers learn how to work together playing Tug of War, Israeli style.

These pictures are just a small sampling of all the exciting, fun, creative and (don’t tell the campers) educational activities they do every day at camp – making each day “a Great Day!” at camp. 

When you ask your children what they did at camp today? don’t accept “nothing.” Delve a little deeper and you will hear amazing stories. 

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