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Help Send a Child to Camp


The Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds believe Jewish summer day camping is a vital childhood event and every child should have a chance to experience it. Since shortly after the first campground opened, HKC has been providing scholarships to help make this a reality regardless of race, color or national origin. The Henry Kaufmann Scholarship Fund works with the individual camps to identify the neediest of children and allocate scholarship funds so that camp is accessible to even the most disadvantaged children.

After 50 years, almost half a million campers have passed through our gates and more than 100,000 scholarships have been granted. But we still need to do more.

Today, times are hard for families and these scholarships are more important than ever.

You can help!

By contributing to the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds Scholarship Fund, you can make a tremendous impact in a child’s life and in the future of the Jewish community.

“I feel like I was truly blessed by having the opportunity to attend camp when I was growing up. I remember so clearly when I first learned to dive and was cheered on by my whole group. I went on to swim in high school and college but think I would have never gotten that start without camp. Now I want to send my daughter but I just don’t think I can afford to. All of her friends are already signed up and I’m really nervous about how she will spend her summer. I understand why camp costs what it does – I just wish there were enough scholarships for my daughter and other children who deserve much more than to be indoors watching TV all summer.”

The effects of attending a Jewish camp cannot be over-emphasized. The values learned and identities forged will stay with a camper forever. Please help us make the unique experience of camp a reality for more children.

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Photo Credits: top – Sunrise Day Camp; bottom – LKSA